Sailing Towards Sustainability: GCCM’s Marine Conservation Initiatives for a Healthier Ocean

In an era where environmental consciousness is crucial, GCCM stands at the forefront of marine conservation. Beyond being a haven for vessels, GCCM is deeply committed to preserving the health of our oceans. As a conscious and responsible member of the Gold Coast community, GCCM is focused on driving environmental compliance and leading the way in sustainable business initiatives to ensure our local waters, marine life, fish and adjoining communities are sustainable. In this blog, we proudly showcase the marine conservation initiatives undertaken by GCCM, highlighting our efforts in clean-up projects, wildlife protection, and the integration of sustainable practices.

Environmental commitment


1. Sustainable Practices: Charting a Greener Course

GCCM is proud to have signed the Marina Industries Association’s (MIA) pledge to eliminate single-use plastics from within the marina by 2025. Our longstanding commitment to environmental best practices is also demonstrated by our consecutive 100% scores in the globally recognised Clean Marina accreditation audit. GCCM is the facility in Australia to achieve a 100% score twice in a row.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword at GCCM; it’s a way of life. The marina incorporates sustainable practices into its daily operations, setting a benchmark for responsible maritime management. Our goal is to reduce our ecological footprint by implementing:

  • energy-efficient facilities,
  • waste reduction initiatives,
  • and the use of eco-friendly materials wherever possible.


Our commitment to environmental improvement from the start has set the benchmark for Marinas. On-site initiatives include:

  • treatment and recycling plants for boat washdown water,
  • rainwater harvesting,
  • a dedicated on-site recycling yard (for both hard and liquid waste),
  • one of the largest solar power marine facilities in the world
  • and the Gold Coast’s first Sea Bin installation.


Solar Panels at GCCM


2. Education and Outreach: Cultivating Environmental Stewardship

A crucial aspect of marine conservation is fostering awareness and instilling a sense of responsibility among the community. GCCM takes pride in its education and outreach programs, designed to enlighten boaters, marina users, and the public about the importance of ocean conservation.


3. Wildlife Protection: Safeguarding Our Oceanic Allies

At GCCM, we understand that a healthy marine environment is intrinsically linked to thriving wildlife. The marina actively participates in programs aimed at protecting local marine life, including the diverse array of fish, dolphins, and other sea creatures that inhabit the Gold Coast waters.

Fish-friendly initiatives include eliminating the use of plastic bags, no fishing & providing information on local fish types, limitations and sustainable fishing guidelines.

GCCM has implemented measures to minimise disturbances to marine habitats during maintenance and repair activities. By adhering to strict guidelines and utilising eco-friendly practices, we strive to create a harmonious coexistence between the maritime industry and the delicate ecosystems beneath the surface.


4. Research and Innovation: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

As a leader in the maritime industry, GCCM recognises the importance of continuous research and innovation in the realm of marine conservation. Collaborating with environmental scientists and researchers, the marina explores cutting-edge technologies and practices that can further enhance its commitment to sustainability.

GCCM has partnered with The International SeaKeepers Society to help raise awareness about the ocean and to unite the yachting community to find a solution for issues plaguing our oceans. Read our blog for more details on how we nurture, conserve and educate.



5. Clean-Up Projects: Nurturing the Sea’s Vitality

Recognising the pressing need to address ocean pollution, GCCM actively participates in and spearheads clean-up projects. Our marina, situated in the pristine Gold Coast waters, takes on the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the marine ecosystem. Regular clean-up initiatives involve removing debris, plastics, and other pollutants from both the marina and nearby waterways.

Collaborating with local environmental organisations, GCCM organises clean-up events that engage not only our dedicated staff but also the broader community. These efforts aim to reduce the impact of marine debris on aquatic life, ensuring a healthier habitat for the diverse species that call the ocean home.

Clean Up Australia Day in Jumpinpin


6. Closing the Loop on Waste

GCCM has teamed up with QUT and the “Waste Free World” department to launch the “Closing the Loop on Waste” initiative, aimed at understanding onsite waste streams and implementing a circular economy within the Gold Coast Shipyard. Beginning discussions in July 2021, the collaboration involves key stakeholders from various sectors eager to tackle waste reduction challenges. Currently diverting 30% of general waste through their partnership with Wanless, GCCM seeks to transition towards a circular economy. Efforts include waste audits, exploring recycling options, and joining the Aspire platform facilitated by the City of Gold Coast, connecting businesses to exchange resources and reduce landfill contributions. GCCM acknowledges the City of Gold Coast for enabling Aspire membership for local businesses, pledging continued collaboration for environmental sustainability.

GCCM outlined five key objectives for the project:

o To reduce waste to landfill through implementation of resource recovery and diversion from landfill across its site

o To eliminate single-use plastics by 2025 and uphold its declaration to the Marina Industries Association (MIA)

o To investigate new initiatives and innovations in waste recovery that present commercial opportunities, reduce waste levies, and leverage partnerships with industry

o To drive a culture shift around waste recovery by raising awareness of tenants, staff, and the community

o To develop a comprehensive marketing and policymaking campaign in collaboration with industry and government to push for wider change in the Gold Coast.


In conclusion, GCCM doesn’t merely provide a home for vessels; it actively contributes to the preservation of our planet’s most precious resource—the ocean. Through clean-up projects, wildlife protection initiatives, sustainable practices, education, and ongoing research, GCCM sets a standard for responsible marina management. As we sail towards a more sustainable future, GCCM invites boaters, industry partners, and the community to join us in nurturing and safeguarding the vast blue expanse that unites us all.


Read our Environment Statement of Purpose to see how we contribute further to protecting our oceans.

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