Online Induction For External Contractors

GCCM complies with the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Queensland Environmental Protection Act 1994, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees, visitors, customers, contractors and for the protection of the environment.

In support of this commitment, contractors conducting business at GCCM have and are required to comply with GCCM policies, procedures and processes that apply across the site, and to complete our online safety induction prior to commencing work at our facility.

The online induction must be completed 48 hours prior to entering the GCCM shipyard.


The GCCM is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our workers, contractors and all other visitors that attend the marina.

With the current strict Environmental & WHS legislation, Insurance and Liability issues, the GCCM is required to ensure that all contractors wanting to perform work at the marina, understand their rights and accept their responsibilities in these matters. Only legitimate businesses with adequate insurance cover are allowed, can provide their services to our customers at our facility.

How much

There is a $50 a one-time fee once your induction is approved for vehicle access tags. You will be issued with an invoice for the tags you require when the induction is completed and confirmed.


Each employee of your business is required to complete the online induction course and acknowledge the conditions that apply onsite. We request that all contractors and their employees complete the induction, even if your services are arranged through our onsite tenants, or directly through the boat owner.


Your contractor registration with GCCM will be valid for twelve months from the date that you complete the online induction. It is important that you also provide us with updated insurance documents when applicable. These will need to be presented to our GCCM Administration Office, or to the Guest Services booth attendant, at the access entrance boom gate. Insurance documents can also be scanned and e-mailed through to: [email protected]


You will need:

  • Public Liability Insurance (minimum value AUD $20 million dollars)
  • Ship Repairers Liability Insurance (minimum value AUD $20 million dollars)
  • Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance (or at least 3rd Party – at fault)
  • Workers Compensation Insurance (unless a sole trader)
  • Electrical Contractors License (if performing any kind of electrical work)
  • If working at heights onsite (an accreditation or EWP ticket for this)
  • If working with hazardous materials (appropriate SDS or licenses required)

Note:  It is important that each employee of your business completes the online induction and acknowledges the conditions.  If you are an employee of a business or contractor working under a principal contractor’s insurance, we will require email confirmation to confirm you are covered under a principal insurance policy.