Gold Coast City Marina Partners with SeaKeepers

In a significant stride forward in marine conservation and education, the Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard (GCCM) is proud to announce our partnership with The International SeaKeepers Company (SeaKeepers). This partnership marks GCCM becoming the first shipyard and the second marina in Australia to join hands with SeaKeepers, a non-profit organisation dedicated to oceanographic research, conservation, and education. This exciting collaboration reflects our unwavering commitment to environmental improvement and raising awareness of the critical importance of ocean conservation within the yachting community and beyond – protecting our oceans for future generations of boaties.


SeaKeepers: A Beacon of Marine Conservation and Education

SeaKeepers is a renowned non-profit organisation that has been at the forefront of marine science, conservation, and education since its establishment in 1998. Seakeepers was founded on the basis of deep concern for the marine environment, by a group of yacht owners who have over the years have evolved Seakeepers into an instrumental force in marine research, facilitating scientific discoveries and promoting global awareness of ocean issues.

One of the most remarkable aspects of SeaKeepers’ work is their use of privately owned yachts and vessels as platforms for oceanographic research, educational outreach and marine conservation. Their innovative approach has opened new avenues for protecting and preserving our marine environment.


GCCM Joins the Marine Conservation Movement

GCCM’s decision to partner with SeaKeepers is a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship. This partnership not only positions GCCM as a leader in responsible marine practices but also paves the way for the broader community to engage in ocean conservation, research, and education.

“GCCM’s commitment to continued environmental improvement has set the benchmark for Marina’s worldwide and we are very excited to partner with SeaKeepers” said Andrew Chapman CMM, Chief Operating Officer at GCCM “As an accredited Clean Marina and Fish Friendly Marina, GCCM are very committed to this goal. By partnering with SeaKeepers, we can help raise awareness of the importance of ocean conservation to our boaties.”

As the largest refit and repair yard in the Southern Hemisphere, GCCM attracts yachts and superyachts from around the world. Being strategically located between Sydney and the Whitsundays allows GCCM to serve as a crucial stopover for many migrating vessels. This unique position presents an extraordinary opportunity for GCCM to mobilise yacht owners and encourage participation in SeaKeepers’ initiatives.


The DISCOVERY Yacht Program: Engaging Yacht Owners in Conservation

GCCM’s customers and community now have the chance to make a meaningful impact on oceanographic research through SeaKeepers’ DISCOVERY Yacht Program. This initiative allows yacht owners to collect valuable oceanographic data while cruising, contributing it to SeaKeepers for research purposes. The program offers a variety of involvement opportunities, ranging from concise seabed mapping as part of The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2023 Project through to monitoring manta rays in Australian waters through Project Manta. To learn more about how your vessel could get involved, click here.

Andrew Chapman, Chief Operating Officer of GCCM, emphasised the importance of involving yacht owners, stating, “We will suggest they participate in this program; these big travellers will increase the data about the seabed tremendously.” Indeed, the vast distances covered by these yachts present a golden opportunity to collect valuable data that can aid marine scientists and conservationists.


Marina Partner Program: A Unified Effort for Ocean Conservation

Melissa White, Program Development Manager at SeaKeepers, expressed her excitement about having GCCM as a partner in the Marina Partner Program.  “GCCM is a well-respected marina and shipyard, and they share our commitment to protecting the marine environment. By working together and considering the number of vessels coming to GCCM for their refit needs, we can reach a wider audience and raise awareness of the importance of ocean conservation. In addition to mobilising more vessels to engage with ocean conservation, research and education, the Marina Partner Program is key to promoting best boating practices and protecting the ocean by adopting responsible measures as a vessel owner.”

GCCM’s reputation as a well-respected marina and shipyard aligns perfectly with SeaKeepers’ mission to protect the marine environment. By collaborating with GCCM and considering the multitude of vessels that come to the facility for refits, SeaKeepers believe that they can reach a broader audience and heighten awareness of the critical need for ocean conservation.

The Marina Partner Program is not only about mobilising more vessels for ocean conservation but also promoting responsible boating practices. As vessel owners and the yachting community as a whole become more involved in marine research and education, they are also encouraged to adopt environmentally responsible measures to protect the oceans they cherish.



The partnership between GCCM and SeaKeepers is a significant step forward in the realm of marine conservation and education. Our dedication to environmental improvement, coupled with SeaKeepers’ expertise in utilising private yachts for research and education, promises a bright future for ocean preservation.

As GCCM becomes the first shipyard in Australia to join this noble cause, the yachting community in the South Pacific and beyond has a unique opportunity to play a pivotal role in safeguarding our oceans. This collaboration exemplifies the power that comes with industry leaders and non-profit organisations working together towards a common goal: preserving the marine environment for future generations.

To learn more about The International SeaKeepers Society and their initiatives, please visit With GCCM and SeaKeepers united in our mission, we can look forward to a future where marine conservation and education flourish, one yacht at a time.

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