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Refresh. Refit. Upgrade.  It doesn’t matter what term you use but it can be the key to gaining many more years of enjoyment from your boat.  Or even improving its resale value.  For 44 years, GCCM’s tenant, Gineico, has been working with boat owners all over Australia to upgrade their onboard equipment, refresh their interiors and generally improving their boating experience.

We toured their impressive showroom at GCCM of leading Italian products and discussed what are the top considerations for boaties when refitting their boat.  Here is what owner and impresario, PG, had to say.


  1. Start with research

We have seen many a boat owner jump at the first cheap ‘off the shelf’ product for a refit and regret it.  The better course is to take the time to research the various products and speak with a valued, trusted partner.  We have for over 40 years been researching and sourcing marine equipment and products.  We have come to know the best there is to offer the boat owner.  We select the very best from Italy, which is arguably the genesis of luxurious, recreational boating and leaders in the arena.


  1. Use a project manager

It is a great idea to take on a project manager to keep the selection, installation, and commissioning of a single new product or even a whole refit on track.  In the long run, it removes the hassles.  As a value add, we provide such a service to assist the customer find the right products for their refit.  Our team either goesto the boat, or we offer a “fly and buy” service to our refit customers.  So, we can fly the customer to our showroom at GCCM. We work closely with the customer, or their team, to understand what they want to achieve using our 40 years of experience to suggest fittings that will last and solutions that are practical. We then see the project through the refit and provide on-site factory-trained technical support to ensure we achieve the desired result.


  1. The Italian | Australian connection

It is hard to pick which is the more passionate boating nation: Australia or Italy.  Both have long boating histories and fantastic cruising grounds. The big difference is how we go boating in Australia….. Our typical customer in Australia does many more sea miles and is often a long way offshore in heavy seas. That means a product needs to be beautiful but it also needs to be practical and well-built so it can withstand the conditions.  As a boating nation, Italians understand these needs.  Our team at Gineico visit our suppliers in Italy twice a year. We are also Italian, and we speak the language. We spend hours meeting with manufacturers and designers to give them practical advice on how to make products better.  Simply put, we have found the Italian range of marine products to be superior.


  1. The most revolutionary product (pun intended)

Gyroscopes used for stabilising boats have been on the most revolutionary products to hit the boating market.  We represent Quick Gyro Boat Stabilization which is developed and manufactured in Italy using a patented design of vertically spinning gyros to reduce boat roll by up to 95% in all weather conditions.  These units are small, easy to retrofit and don’t require any modifications to the hull. This means the whole family can enjoy boating as the reduced rolling motion means reduced seasickness and increased comfort.

Gineico has been a long term tenant of GCCM.  While we celebrate our 20th anniversary, PG and his team are celebrating their 44th!  There are exciting times ahead and watch this space for more news.

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