A truly amazing installation and a great example of trade project management at GCCM


M/Y Paloma’s owner wants the ultimate boating experience and in order to get it, he commissioned MSA to install a stabilisation system in his beautiful 27-metre Leopard yacht.


Installing an Anti-Rolling Gyro brings comfort and safety to those on board your vessel, both at anchor and underway. Specifically, it makes your leisure cruising experience more enjoyable and comfortable with no unexpected violent rolls from dangerous waves hitting you. Minimising the roll reduces seasickness and fatigue, therefore, the crew and guests feel better and can move around safely and confidently.


Marine Solutions Australia (MSA) is a professional marine services company based in Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard (GCCM) that supports superyachts, commercial vessels, and boat owners with high-quality engineering outcomes for the systems onboard. The team advised on the best equipment for stabilisation and undertook the perfect installation in a very challenging configuration.


Due to the vessel’s build, the gyro had to be brought through the length of the boat which went through a 3.5-week preparation to allow for the insertion of the ARG375T.



When asked about choosing ARG, MSA’s Director and “fixer” Stewart Humphries says they worked on several simulations, and this is the product he recommended for this 79GT vessel:


“The Thomei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is simply the most effective Gyro stabilisation” says Stew. “With no exposed moving parts and no through-hull fitting, it is a one-piece “bolt-on” package simple to operate. Simply turn it on when you step onboard your vessel and turn it off when you leave. 

Manufactured to commercial and military standards by Mitsubishi for over 20 years, ARG also has the lowest maintenance in the industry, making it the most reliable. This Japanese engineering triumph offers a 5-year/5000-hour warranty.”


The participants in this precision job:


In order to retrofit the gyro, a whole team of marine experts, all based in GCCM, participated to the adventure:


        Wise Boatbuilding completed the shipwright works for the base structure of the gyro (mountings to the hull)

        O’Neill Shipwrights removed and reinstated the floor and dashboard 

        GCCM assisted with precision travel lift operations for the installation process 

–        Oceanic design & survey designed the space to insert the gyro

        Access Crane Hire (@accesscranehire) got it in with 16 metres of boom out working with the travel lift team to adjust the height of the boat



The process and trade project management


MSA organised all trades to assist with the installation and created a 3-D gyro template and measurement checks to determine the best option for installation. 

MSA removed the aft deck rail, umbrella, helm seat, stair handrail, dash and built a 2-tonne lifting frame inside the halfway that was bolted directly to the hull bearers for the best load support.

MSA protected all surfaces over floors, stone bench tops, fine finished walls, and ceilings. They made sure nothing was damaged. The gyro is 1 tonne in weight so one slight knock on anything would have resulted in repair works.

MSA built a 1500kg support frame for the gyro to rest on while the unit was transitioned from the crane to the lifting frame in the hallway. The support frame was removed to lower the gyro into its mounting position. A series of 1.5-tonne hoist were used to move the gyro without touching any walls or floors all the way to its final position.


The installation was a success and completed with no damage to the vessel! 


Sea trials proved the efficiency of the ARG and the owner expressed his satisfaction and how impressed he was with all the process and results.



For Stew from MSA, “this was the most difficult gyro installation ever. MSA made the impossible / possible thanks to our amazing team and a collaborative effort from GCCM onsite marine experts”. 


Convinced you need a stabilisation system on your vessel? Contact Marine Solutions Australia ([email protected]) at GCCM – your ARG gyro stabiliser dealer and installer.

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