Innovation In Marine Stabilization

Amazing gyro technology and leading trades make for sensational boating experience

Gyro stabilisers are gaining enormous popularity around the globe as boat owners seek to reduce boat roll at anchor and underway, and enjoy added comfort and safety on the water.  Marine stabilisation technology continues to come ahead in leaps and bounds. Two of Australia’s leading marine stabilisation suppliers based onsite at Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard (GCCM) are launching some smart new technology into the Australian market at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

Pacific Maritime Solutions have been named the first Australian dealer of Smartgyro just in time for the SG40 and SG80 to be released. These new stabilisers are two of the most advanced gyro models available on the market  – maximizing roll reduction, minimizing heat generation and power consumption. The Smartgyro units are liquid cooled, giving the bearings of the SG40 and SG80 a longer life and more freedom regarding placement for instillation. Since the unit is self-cooling, installing the SG40 or SG80 in the engine room is no longer an issue (no added cooling system required). The overall design is perfect for refits and new builds. All maintenance can be done on board, cutting downtime and service costs.


Damienn Plahn, General Manager at Pacific Maritime Solutions is excited to be offering the latest units from Yanmar-backed Smartgyro and the sophistication that comes from Italian built and design specialists.

On a bit of a smaller scale – physically, not technologically – Gineico are adding the smallest gyro in the world to the well-established line-up of Quick Gyro stabilisers. The new Quick X3 Mini gyro weighs just 131kg and is just 42cm square. Notwithstanding this comparatively tiny footprint, the X3 generates a staggering 3900N-m of anti-roll torque. That is 50% more than any other gyro in its class. The X3 is small but mighty. Perfectly sized for trailer and small sports vessels and guaranteed easy ‘plug and play’ installation for retrofitting and new boats.


“The X3 Gyro is the latest addition to the revolutionary Quick Gyro stabiliser family that has grown quickly over the past 2 years and now boasts 12 different models, ideal for vessels from 20t up to 120ft,” says Pierluigi Gambacorti, Director at Gineico Queensland. “The unique patented vertically spinning mass makes the Quick Gyro stabilisers, significantly smaller, far less complicated and virtually maintenance free, when compared to all the other horizontally spinning gyro stabilisers on the market.”


Both Gineico Queensland and Pacific Maritime Solution can be found on-site at GCCM for any questions you may have regarding the exciting new technology. Find their details in our handy online Marine Trades Directory or visit the GCCM Official Boat Maintenance Enquiry stand – PR5 – at SCIBS to find out more about marine stabilisation.

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