The art and science behind the antifoul

Exploring the art behind annual maintenance and the importance of selecting the correct antifoul for your vessel.

For most boat owners, the annual slipping and reapplication for antifoul is set on the calendar without much thought. It is, after all, part and parcel of boat ownership. Yet there is an art and science to the preparation of the hull, product selection and application of the antifoul paint all of which can extend times between liftings. Recently, Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard’s (GCCM) Crew worked with onsite tenant and paint powerhouse, International Paint, on how best to prepare a hull for a reapplication of antifoul.

The key to long lasting antifouls is product selection and preparation. Key to this process is the importance of good communication between vessel owners, captains, project managers, the yard, the applicators and the paint company to make the right decisions on time, maximise efficiency and prevent common issues that are easily avoided. This means addressing prior to lifting the specifications of the boat, where is moored, how it is used and other key points to prepare a product specification tailored to the individual vessel.

Each vessel lifted at GCCM is high pressure washed and the training provided by International Paint went through different water pressures and nozzles for the desired outcome. The training also covered alternative ways to prepare the underwater surface which reduces the need for more aggressive hull preparation methods whilst still ensuring the best possible canvas for antifoul paint application.

“The main goals of the training were to improve the overall experience for GCCM’s customers by offering the best possible service and product quality and washing their valued vessels to a standard that maximises the performance and longevity of their antifouling paint. Overall, the training session was a great forum to share experiences and improve collaboration between Gold Coast City Marina and AkzoNobel,” stated Irina Atanasova, Account Manager – Yacht Coatings, International Paint.

With this new training and skills under their belt, you can lift and antifoul your boat at GCCM knowing the thought, effort and preparation has been handled for you. Combined with the All Inclusive Boat Maintenance package, all it takes is one phone call to arrange your annual haul out where you will know the price upfront and be assured of the quality and longevity of your boat’s antifoul.

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