International Yacht Paint and Awlgrip
About International Yacht Paint and Awlgrip

The success of AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip® and International® yacht coatings brands is built on our global reach and the ongoing commitment to understanding the local needs of our customers. With local manufacturing facilities and customer-integrated testing programmes we respond to the specific regional requirements and assure that if you need Antifouling, Everdure or Goldspar, you can have them, quickly.

AkzoNobel’s trusted Awlgrip and International brands provide you with a full complement of product and service solutions that consistently perform. Behind the close relationship and first class service from your local International representative, stands the technical expertise, constant innovation and renowned customer support of one of the world’s largest coatings manufacturers.

So if you want Trilux 33, Micron Extra 2, Toplac or any of our other market-leading coatings we can supply these right here in Asia Pacific or wherever your voyages may take you.

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