‘Wise’ choices made at GCCM

On-site business Wise Boatbuilding provides unwavering support and impeccable work keeping M/Y One O One coming back

While an annual maintenance period isn’t necessarily the most enjoyable time for any captain or owner, quality trades and an award-winning shipyard are sure to make the visit much more pleasurable.  These being just some of the reason’s M/Y One O One (37 meter) can be found at Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard (GCCM) once again undergoing refit and repair.

Just last year, Captain Craig Lindsay of M/Y One O One and Wise Boatbuilding connected with a number of other on-site trades to complete an extensive three-year refit on M/Y One O One.

“We were after a contractor who was willing to work with us to achieve the vision of the yacht’s owner at an immaculate level of quality,” said Lindsay. “Wise Boatbuilding was quick to look outside of the box and find solutions to achieve the required results.”

Wise Boatbuilding opened their doors in 2011, continuing a rich family tradition, pursuing challenging projects sure to add to their areas of expertise. The team’s interest in specialised and challenging jobs such as marble, glass works, and fibre optics made them the perfect contractors for the M/Y One O One project.

Mark Wise had begun working on M/Y One O One while subcontracting at the prestigious Norman R. Wrights & Sons in Brisbane. Only last year, Wise Boatbuilding relocated to GCCM where they were able to finish the comprehensive project that was M/Y One O One.

“The skillset of Wise Boatbuilding is well-rounded, and they were able to complete a wide variety of works to the standard required for a vessel of such a high caliber like One O One,” said Lindsay.

With both Wise Boatbuilding and M/Y One O One making the transition to the Gold Coast, Captain Craig Lindsay made sure to take full advantage of the services on site at GCCM.

“The time spent at Gold Coast City Marina was productive as we had both Wise Boatbuilding and various other trades involved in the refit at our fingertips,” he explains. “The GCCM team are always welcoming and willing to go out of their way to make both the owner and the crew’s time in the shipyard easy and enjoyable.”

Currently, M/Y One O One is back at GCCM undergoing a windscreen replacement and other small touch up before she heads back to Sydney.

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