Top 5 must do items for getting your boat’s interior ready for summer

Top 5 must do items for getting your boat’s interior ready for summer

The warmer months of spring and summer are so close you can nearly feel the sun on your shoulders.  With it nearly time for some serious boating, don’t waste a precious minute of cruising time on getting your boat ready.  Start now.

We sat down with Dianne from Classic Marine Trimming, an onsite marine company at Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard (GCCM), to get her ideas on what to do now to ensure sure your boat is ready for summer.

Check for mould

Although we have had a very dry and mild winter, you should open up your boat to the fresh air.  As the weather heats up any moisture is likely to turn to mould and then, it is a much more costly and time-consuming process to remove it.  Mop up and thoroughly dry any excess moisture and generally check the soft furnishings, bedding and covers for evidence of damp.

Take home any bed linen and soft furnishings and have them professionally laundered.   Keeping them free of salt and moisture will help elongate their life span and your comfort onboard.    Flip up any mattresses in the cabins to give them a chance to air and you an opportunity to check for any damage which might need repair or replacement.

Check your covers and external soft furnishing

We are entering the westerly winds time for South East Queensland so it is best to check the stitching, zips and fasteners of any of your external covers.  If any of them are damaged or loose then they maybe letting in water or could cause damage to the gelcoat and paint work by flapping around.  It is much easier to fix a zip than it is to replace a cover completely torn in the wind and repair around windows.   External covers in good working order are also vital for protecting your interior from the ravages of the summer sun.

Consider re-waterproofing your canvas covers

It is possible to re-waterproof your canvas covers and whilst the weather is dry, this would be the time to do it.   Use this time as an opportunity to decide which covers need to be replaced, repaired or new covers for a hatch or dash.  It is much quicker to have these items custom made by our onsite trimmers now than in summer when everyone is knocking down their doors.

Get your boat professionally cleaned

It is called spring cleaning for a reason and getting your carpets, soft furnishings, window dressings (curtains), couches (leather or fabric) and mattresses professionally cleaned will extend their usable life.  Not to mention the comfort you will experience onboard a fresh boat.  If something cannot be resurrected by a professional clean then you will have ample time to decide on its replacement before the boating season begins.

Complete a full maintenance

Many of the points above can be completed in the water wherever the boat is permanently berthed.  If you are lifting the boat to complete an antifoul and annual maintenance, there are 80 onsite marine trades at GCCM and many of them are experts in interiors, cleaning and soft marine furnishings.  Take advantage of their expertise to maximise your summer boating.

For more information on all the businesses at GCCM, check out our business directory or to arrange for your boat to be lifted at GCCM, contact our team on (07) 5502 5888 or [email protected].


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