Superyacht Maintenance Booming in Queensland

Superyachts continue to stream into Queensland shipyards for refit and maintenance work. In 2020, the state has seen 25 visiting vessels inject $38M including $28M in refit and maintenance. Queensland has eight superyacht shipyards that employ more than 2,300 skilled tradespeople and is now the major maintenance hub for these luxury vessels within Asia Pacific.

The Queensland Government’s Superyacht Strategy launched in 2018 has provided shipyard businesses with the confidence to grow at an astounding rate. Queensland is fast becoming a dominant force internationally for superyacht maintenance with hundreds of millions of dollars invested in infrastructure from Cairns to Brisbane and the Gold Coast during the last few years.

David Good, CEO of Superyacht Australia explained. “It’s our highly skilled trades that make us stand out with welders, painters, cabinet makers, diesel mechanics, electricians to name just a few. They are what the Australian superyacht industry is all about and fortunately during the current pandemic, they are the ones receiving this economic benefit”.

The industry has been working hard to continue to service these vessels and keep our highly skilled workforce employed. “It is essential that professional captains abide by the strict quarantine rules set out by state and federal governments so that these thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of economic contribution are not put at risk.” concluded Good.

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