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When Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard (GCCM) opened its doors in 2000, it did so with the view to offer some of the most innovative and highest quality solutions for vessel owners and operators.

Nearly 20 years later, we are still committed to offering this to our customers. On Monday 11th March 2019 as you approach GCCM, you will notice some differences which are in place to maintain this commitment.

In a desire to ensure the safest possible working environment for everyone on our shipyard, you will find from Monday 11th March 2019 a boom gate adjacent to Seaspec manned by GCCM staff. After extensive consultation with customers, onsite tenants, and external contractors, we believe we have created a flexible yet strong access system to achieve the following

• Greater availability of carparks for our customers;
• A better management of safety, compliance and accountability for those working on-site; and
• A secure and managed site.

“Increased security in a shipyard of this calibre is certainly a welcomed initiative and it will definitely provide boat owners with a greater sense of safety and security,” explained Ryan Hanger, Skipper, S/Y Princess Chloe

It is a change yet a change for good as it means all those who access the yard are entitled to through a simple registration and safety induction process. If it is your first time to the site or you are visiting the restaurant and administration building, then it will be as simple as advising the GCCM staff at the boom gate and they will provide access.

As a boat owner, we know you have particular tradesmen who work on your vessel and they may or may not be located at GCCM. They too can access the yard. We will ask external contractors to complete a simple online induction and provide their insurance certificates. GCCM has always welcomed external contractors and will continue to do so under this new system.


“As a prominent marine service provider across SEQ, Stella Marine visits a number of shipyards that are managed under various access platforms. As an external contractor to GCCM, we certainly support a controlled access system at the site as it promotes a good safe working environment for all involved which at the end of the day is key for sustaining a business and maintaining customer relationships,” explained Gary Cooper, Director of Stella Marine.

Part of this consultation has included our 80 onsite businesses with whom we have worked to maximise their access and ensure everyone working on the site is doing so in the safest possible manner.

“It is a timely and much-needed development on the hardstand at GCCM promoting safe operating practices, better availability of parking for customers and marine businesses,” explained Peter Luke, Director of Superyacht Solutions.

Part of GCCM’s commitment to quality is to make sure the right people are accessing the yard to do the right job for the best possible outcomes. We are motivated to have systems and procedures in place to achieve this. It is what you would expect from Australia’s most awarded marina and shipyard.

“The MIA strives to support and encourage marinas to deliver exceptional facilities and services to benefit the boating public and the broader community. GCCM has over the last 20 years consistently demonstrated a commitment to best practice in the marine industry. Their new contractor accreditation procedures are another example of setting a high benchmark in promoting excellence in safety, environmental compliance and quality. GCCM customers will continue to have their choice of marine contractors and also benefit from knowing that the safety and security of their boat, and their family are more adequately protected,” offered MIA Executive Officer, Colin Bansgrove.

How do I now access the yard and my boat?

It is a simple procedure for which you will only require your mobile phone. As you approach the boom gate, you will call the number we provide. It will trigger the gate to open whilst simultaneously canceling the call so you are not charged.

How do I complete the online induction as an external contractor?

Jump onto the GCCM website and complete the online induction for external contractors.

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