Pledge To Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

“Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard (GCCM) is committed to the concept that the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes are the cradle of life as we know it.  For our business that is located on a major waterway on the Gold Coast, it is particularly important that we are taking a leadership role in sustainable initiatives.  We acknowledge our responsibility as custodians at this time to protect the maritime environment as our highest priority.  Our organisation understand that if we allow the pollution of our maritime environment we will contribute to the destruction of the biodiversity that allows the global environment to function.  Our business relies on having clean waterways and a pristine marine environment for our customers and stakeholders to enjoy.

GCCM is committed to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of single use plastics at our marina.  We understand that we need to proactively address the single-use of plastics in our supply chain.  Our organisation is committed to reducing waste and reducing our carbon footprint on the environment.

GCCM pledges to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of single use plastics by 2025 at our marina through changed business practices and recycling.  We commit to monitoring our results and sharing our successes through transparency.  We make this pledge to ensure current and future generation’s for their enjoyment of a pristine maritime environment that underpins our business and our industry”.

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