How easy is refit and maintenance Project Management at GCCM

Here at GCCM we understand the time pressures that busy business people are under these days and quite often there just isn’t enough time in the week to supervise a vessel refit or major maintenance project.


Our Project Management Team headed by Shaun Quinn is here to help you with the expertise and capacity with trades to complete the job required no matter how large or small.

Booking your lift and hardstand or shed is just the start when planning maintenance and refit work on your vessel.

It’s important to quantify the tasks to be undertaken whilst visiting the shipyard as most marine trades are specific in their areas of expertise. This obviously means a number of different businesses may need to be engaged to undertake the required different tasks. Then of course there is the actual management of the workflow as there will be an order in which many tasks can be undertaken.

The step-by-step process requires planning and scheduling by professionals who understand and have experience in completing the individual components of the refit or maintenance project.

Our Project Team has the expertise and access to the 90 Business Partners based around the GCCM shipyard. Having good working relationships with our onsite Business Partners not only ensures an excellent standard or work but also assists with scheduling especially when something unexpected crops up that might be on the critical path during the project.

Our 90 Business partners situated around the shipyard are very specialised in their area of expertise too which offers great results when needing special solutions. This might just be as simple as requiring a specialised painting solution or an expert in the field of new composite technologies for a hull extension or modification.

We have some amazing tradesmen around the yard. Some have been working here for over 23 years when GCCM was first established. If you are looking for experts in running gear repairs or replacement you would talk with Watson Marine Engineering who were an original business to set up at GCCM in the Pioneering days. Watsons knows everything there is to know about shafts, propellers and bearings. They are the experts in that field and we have many others who are specialists in their field.

So here at GCCM, we can make your refurbishment and maintenance projects much easier by engaging our Project Management Team to handle the scheduling and resourcing to expedite the project. Welcome to “Service Paradise”!


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