Holy Cow: it’s a yacht

Here is something you don’t see every day.

A Friesian cow on a shipyard. Yet when John and Kim sailed into Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard (GCCM) so too did the bovine-theme distinctive hull design of their Oceanis 50, S/V Holy Cow.

John has been to a country rock band or two in his time and when he got into sailing (with the help of sailing legend Hugh Treharne), he wanted to bring a little country to the sea. He started with a black and white sail developing quite a reputation in the racing circuit and amongst the members of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. When it came time to upgrade the boat, the obvious choice was to call her Holy Cow complete with cow horn.

The yacht is resident to Sydney and involved in local regattas and corporate sailing but each year, Kim and John head north to escape the winter and enjoy some blue water sailing. On the recommendation of another Sydney-based yacht owner, they decided for the first time to call in to GCCM and complete their annual maintenance work.

“We had heard about this oasis up north where nothing was too difficult, the facility was expansive, and they would fit around your schedule. We didn’t quite believe it. Kevin Altera had met us in Sydney armed with loads of information and we were going north anyway, so gave it a go. When we arrived, the yard was a hive of activity and yet organised. To lift us, we needed to remove the back stay and within 10 minutes, Travis Slatter had the rigger down to remove it for us,” explained John and Kim.

The yacht was up for three weeks or so. Bradford Marine stripped the hull right back and gave the Cow a real “tummy lift” before sending her back looking sparkling new.

John and Kim continued, “We had done our homework on Bradford Marine and were pleased with our decision to use them. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good shipwrights in Sydney but at GCCM, there are so many in one spot. If one can’t do it then they know someone who can. You don’t wait around.”

Back in the water, John and Kim continued their journey north to prepare for both the social and competitive side of the North Queensland regatta season. They have completed 45,000 nautical miles in the 10 years they have owned the boat. So when many others only go as far as the Whitsundays and Hamilton Island Race Week, Holy Cow will continue to mosey up the coast to Magnetic and Orpheus Islands. John and Kim will enjoy some quieter, relaxed sailing in waters so clear you can see the pick when at anchor.

The GCCM team wishes them fair winds in the regattas and following seas for the cruising! We will keep our eyes and ears out for the Holy Cow at Hamilton Island Race Week.

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