Top 5 things to prep your boat for winter

Although we are blessed in South East Queensland with great weather, it is traditionally a time when you don’t go boating as much.  Yet the last thing you want when the weather warms up and spring arrives, is the boat not to be ready for some great days out on the water.

In this series, we will give you our Top 5 tips to keep your boat tip top for summer.

Use your boat

Winter in South East Queensland has some of the best cruising and fishing.  Yes, it may be too cold to go swimming yet there is always fishing, long beach walks and crystal-clear water for diving.  So there are plenty of excuses to get out on the water and keep the engine running.

You could also simply pop down to the boat each week and turn the engine over.  It will keep everything moving and alert you to any problems which may arise.  There are also a number of leading marine mechanical outfits at Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard (GCCM) who can assist you with monitoring your vessel over the cooler months.

Check for leaks

If you are leaving your vessel for a period of time, perhaps consider placing some absorbent mats under ball valves, fuel and oil filters, any joints or known weak spots.  Firstly, if there are any spills, you won’t foul up your engine room or bilge.  Secondly, it will make the job of diagnosis so much easier.  The chandleries and mechanics onsite at GCCM stock the mats which you can pick up at any time.

Don’t forget the outboard

Maybe it is on the tender to the bigger boat or maybe it is what powers your fishing tinny, either way don’t forget the outboard.  Same applies as above.  Use it if you can or at least start the engine.  Keep the cowling protected from the weather.  GCCM has a fully enclosed drystorage facility which is an ideal solution for storing your dinghy over winter.

Don’t forget your batteries

We often remember the engine but forget the ancillary equipment such as batteries.  It is best to keep them on trickle charge as overcharging can cause major issues.  Yet, like all equipment, the best advice is to check it regularly and use it when you can; a perfect excuse for a little weekend winter jaunt to make sure the batteries are ok.

Complete a service

If you are not using your boat over winter, it is the perfect time to lift and complete a full service and annual maintenance program.  GCCM has multiple marine mechanics onsite representing all the leading inboard and outboard engine brands.  At the same time, you can have a waterblast and apply a fresh coat of antifouling paint; perhaps even tick off those odd jobs which need to be completed.  There are over 80 marine businesses onsite at GCCM so chances are you will find the expert.  If not, you can always bring in your preferred contractor after they complete a short induction.

To book your annual maintenance at GCCM contact the team on [email protected] or call 5502 5888.

Check out the list of our onsite marine mechanics, chandleries, painters/antifoulers as well as the whole range of trades at GCCM

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