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Navigating to the Gold Coast?

The amazing sailing that is enjoyed in Moreton Bay and the Broadwater is up there with the top Harbour Cities around the World. With so many vessels based at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron and the other marinas in close proximity it’s easy to understand why so many vessels head down the inside passage to GCCM for refit and maintenance. With over 90 exceptional businesses based around the shipyard, there is not only a business professional to attend to the tasks you require but there are quite often a number of exceptional businesses to choose between in that particular trade.

With amazing Naval architects and CAD engineers working on the cutting edge of racing yacht technology, there is so much benefit passing through to the recreational yacht owners that was never considered previously. The new-age composites that are used to improve strength whilst reducing weight are being incorporated in so many new builds at GCCM.

GCCM Yacht Racing Division utilises the inside passage regularly. Skipper and owner of GCCM Arctic Blonde a Hick 37 Peter Cook says it’s so easy even in a stiff breeze. Arctic Blonde draws 2.8m and never has any issues traversing the inside passage between the harbours. It’s 42 nautical miles between Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (RQ) and GCCM and he usually completes the trip in 5 hours at a leisurely pace.

The power lines across the passage at Rocky Point have an air clearance of nearly 29m marked on the chart so it’s not an issue for many vessels.

Travelling on the inside passage offers significant protection from the waves and swells that can be experienced when outside Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island in the Coral Sea.

When at GCCM the options are endless for great trades and Businesses who can offer the solutions that most boaties are looking for. We have great riggers and sailmakers at GCCM so many race yachts book their annual maintenance immediately following each yearly lift out.

GCCM ArcticBlonde


GCCM 17.5 Hectare purpose-built Shipyard with capacities to haul out superyachts and a diversity of other vessels. With 23 years experience the GCCM have had just about every marine type issue presented for resolution.

With berthing capacity to 75m for in-water works and super yacht refit sheds to 50m and 300t there are many options.

It doesn’t matter where your vessel is based GCCM in the Coomera Precinct is the best place to book in for your annual maintenance and refit requirements. Many of our Customers are based in NSW and Victoria and then there are the visiting yachts that head our way from the Pacific Islands following the Pacific cruise from the USA.

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