Quick Gyro
About Quick Gyro


Quick gyroscopic stabilisers use a unique vertically spinning flywheel design to stop the roll of the vessel. In simple terms a Quick gyroscopic stabiliser works like the tyres of a bicycle or motorcycle. While the tyres on a bike are spinning, the bike stays upright. When the tyres on the bike stop spinning, the bike falls over. Using the same simple physics the round metal mass inside the Quick gyro stabiliser spins and the force it generates (anti-roll torque) is delivered to the structure of the vessel. The bigger and heavier the boat, the more anti-roll torque is required to ensure the gyro has enough force to eliminate the roll of the vessel in any conditions. This clever patented vertical spinning mass design is unique to Quick Gyro and it comes with significant comparative advantages.

* 30% smaller and more efficient gyros that are easier to install
* The only gyro that can be operated in any sea conditions and with the vessel travelling at any speed
* Faster spool up even if vessel is underway
* Faster switch off and walk away spool down when you get back to port
* Simpler mechanism without expensive yearly maintenance costs
* Rolling reductions of up to 97%
* Simple air cooled system that means no holes in the bottom of your boat and no risk of electrolysis

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