Ozi Alloy Trailers
About Ozi Alloy Trailers



Every Ozi Alloy boat Trailer is designed and built by experienced Australians to handle harsh and diversified conditions and they are designed and manufactured @ the GCCM to be the ultimate consumer’s choice for their durability, strength, quality, practical functionality and value they provide.

We have been building affordable aluminium trailers at the GCCM since 2016. We offer a wide range of Boat Trailers and aluminium Ute tray trailers that are tailored to suit all of your occasions and requirements. Every trailer is built to order, from “scratch”, from 3m long to 9.4m long and up to 4,000kg ATM!


Australian engineered certified!


Australian extruded and bent alloy!

  • Our aluminium boat trailers outlast and will not rust like steel
  • You can tow a heavier boat/load or use a smaller vehicle. You’ll also use less fuel when towing with an aluminium trailer, as compared to steel.
  • Will provide greater value and help you with any future resale


Our Ozi alloy boat trailers we build are suitable for:

  • Glass Boats
  • Alloy Boats
  • Shark Cats
  • Heavy duty “Off Road” single axle boat trailers
  • Single axle trailers rated to 1800kg ATM, will carry a payload of 1,420kg
  • Dragon Boats
  • Trailer Sailer
  • Inflatable RIBs
  • Jet Ski Trailers – single and dual
  • DIY Trailers – we have exported over 100 alloy trailers to the pacific islands
  • With either Leaf spring or Torsion Axle suspension
  • Swing drawbars for tight parking / garaging spaces or just to be legal on the roadside curb (<7.5m)

We can build you a quality aluminium trailer for similar prices as steel trailers, however, ours will not rust in just a few years!

We can fit your boat to your new Ozi alloy boat trailer at our factory @ GCCM (see map here) – we can lift it off your old trailer, pull it out of the water at the GCCM boat ramp or have it craned off a truck utilising the lifting resources of the GCCM if needed.

Finance is available through “Trailerpay Finance”

  • Tinny Trailers
  • Glass Boats
  • Alloy Boats
  • Dragon Boats
  • Sailer Trailers
  • Shark Cats
  • Inflatable Boats
  • DIY Trailers
  • Torsion Axles
  • Kodiak Hydraulic Brakes
  • 7.2 Dual axle 2 tonne Trailer

We can build you a quality aluminium trailer for similar prices as steel trailers, however, ours will not rust!