Gateway Hydraulics
About Gateway Hydraulics

Gateway Hydraulics is a Family owned and operated business established in Brisbane in 1991. Gateway Hydraulics has been operating out of GCCM since its inception 20 years ago and has developed a great understanding of the unique applications associated with hydraulics in the marine industry including both Industrial and luxury motor/sailing vessels. Gateway Hydraulics knows the requirements associated with Hydraulic applications for Marine survey.

Gateway Hydraulics is the only dedicated hydraulic specialist in the Gold Coast marine precinct.

Some services we provide, but are not limited to are –

  • On-site service and Installation including flow testing, data logging and fault finding.
  • Experienced specialist Hydraulic Technician’s
  • Workshop & Test facilities for all hydraulic components.
  • Cylinder/Ram Manufacturing and repair.
  • Pump and Motor repairs.
  • Hose, fittings and tube supply/installation.
  • Design and manufacture of Hydraulic systems and power packs
  • In-house machining centre

Gateway Hydraulics is a proud Certified Excellence partner of Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics as well as Australian distributors of Kobelt marine control systems, Wilkes & Mclean and Pitts clutches. Gateway Hydraulics also has a great range of Danfoss, Hydac and Sun hydraulic components. Gateway Hydraulics stocks a great range of Ryco hose and fittings as well as Volz Stainless steel fittings.

On-site service where you are

The team has experienced service technicians with fully equipped service vehicles to allow fast and efficient resolutions to breakdowns and planned maintenance. Any job that is too big or complex to be fixed on-site can be removed and taken to their workshop for further testing or repairs.

Gateway Hydraulics’ large stock of components, seals, hoses and fittings means less downtime for you. If they don’t have it in stock, their large range of diverse suppliers also means that they can get it fast if they don’t have it.

On-site installation

Experienced employees and carefully planned component placement and line runs result in installations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also useful.

Workshop Repairs

Gateway Hydraulics’ extensive hydraulic repair and testing facility is situated in Brisbane’s Murarrie district. A 4000 square metre facility is home to a purpose-built, contemporary workshop and offices.  Modern technology and equipment are present in the workshop, and there is a substantial volume of stock kept on hand.

Cylinder/Ram Repair

The team deal with every facet of hydraulic cylinder repair. From a straightforward reseal and test to rebuilding and altering a cylinder to better fit the application’s requirements.  They can replace broken components, change components, or create entirely new cylinders in-house thanks to their fully equipped machine shop. Every cylinder that Gateway Hydraulics builds or repairs is pressure and function-tested afterwards.

Pump and Motor Repair

From the smallest gear unit to the most complicated transmission pump, their team is able to service all makes and models of pumps and motors. Gear pumps and motors, axial piston pumps and motors, bent axis piston pumps and motors, gerola motors, and gerotor motors are among the pumps and motors repaired. At Gateway Hydraulics, all repaired pumps and motors are put through a 150 HP test rig.

Hose assembly and testing

Qualified fitters assemble hoses internally. A wide selection of hose and ends are maintained on hand. Hoses can be delivered in accordance with MDG41 or to Class for marine vessels.

The team at Gateway Hydraulics specialise in:


  • 2D Autodesk AutoCAD design
  • 3D Autodesk Inventor design
  • Mastercam CAM design and manufacture
  • Custom Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Custom hydraulic manifolds


  • Custom built cylinder up to 500mm bore and 6000mm stroke
  • Electric Power packs
  • Diesel Power packs
  • Petrol Power packs
  • Custom built winches
  • Turn key projects


  • CNC machining centre
  • CNC lathe
  • Mill Capability = X 1400mm, Y 600mm , Z 600mm
  • Lathe Capability = 660mm over bed, 3000mm centre, 230mm thru spinle