5 Gold Anchor Marina

Achieving this prestigious rating underscores our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience


The 5 Gold Anchor accreditation holds significant weight in the maritime industry, signifying a marina’s steadfast dedication to excellence in both facilities and customer service. For us at GCCM, achieving this prestigious rating underscores our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for boat owners and sailors alike. It’s a testament to our unwavering standards and sets us apart in the competitive maritime landscape. Let’s explore why the 5 Gold Anchor accreditation is so meaningful for us and how it elevates our standing in the industry.


  1. Why the 5-Gold-Anchor marina means so much.
    • The Gold Anchor program is a worldwide program that indicates the level of commitment that a marina has to its presentation of facilities and the level of Customer Service offered. It is similar to the star rating for hotel accommodation which most people know. The 5 Gold Anchor level of achievement shows a very high level of presentation and commitment to its customers.


  1. What it means
    • The marina has been thoroughly audited and assessed for procedures by the Marine Industry Association and a high level of management to maintain and improve facilities whilst delivering services and products that Customers would expect at a top-level facility run by Industry professionals.


  1. How frequently are the 5 Gold Anchor Marina Awards conferred, and what is the nomination and selection process like?
    • A marina can apply to participate in the program at any time and follow the procedures which include an independent audit and survey of customers to record scores across many different criteria that influence the facilities appeal and operational success in the market. This also includes appropriate management of environmental issues.


  1. Can you elaborate on the significance of receiving the 5 Gold Anchor Marina Award?
    • This achievement displays our commitment to maintaining the Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard at a very high level of presentation and operation even though the facility is in its 24th year of operation. We take great pride in this achievement by increasing our score awarded by the auditor by over 5% since the last time we were audited.


  1. How did GCCM achieve it?
    • The GCCM team reviewed current procedures and looked at ways to improve across all areas of the criteria. The reaccreditation preparations were reviewed over 6 months to ensure that any changes that were implemented became procedural and were not just a reaction for a single-day audit. The Team met weekly to review and implement. This is not to say all ideas were adopted as there are still many to be implemented over time.


  1. How do marinas benefit from being recognised with the 5 Star Anchor Marine Award in terms of reputation, customer trust, and business growth?
    • Our Customers: the boat owners and skippers know what to expect based on the anchor rating. They know what to expect from a 3 Gold Anchor facility and this increases as the number of anchors increases. It’s not just onsite facilities but also proximity to other facilities that matter when boating.


  1. How does your marina prioritise customer satisfaction and ensure a premium experience for boaters and visitors alike?
    • We highly value our customers’ satisfaction and the experience they have all the way through their time here at GCCM. We conduct exit surveys and review the feedback to see where we can improve. Contact is made with some customers to gain a deeper insight into their comments and suggestions.


  1. Can you share any unique amenities or services that set your marina apart from others in the industry?
    • One of the unique facilities at GCCM is we are a superyacht shipyard as well as a marina, so we have a large focus on what are the needs of vessels when it’s a haul-out period. We have 90 marine Business partners based on the GCCM shipyard that provide exceptional service to our vessels and the crew.


  1. How does your company contribute to environmental sustainability and responsible stewardship of the marine ecosystem?
    • We participate in the MIA Clean Marina program and have for many years. We are also part of the Fish Friendly accreditation and have taken the Single-Use Plastic pledge. We have also partnered with QUT and the department of a “Waste Free World” to complete a year-long study on Closing the loop on waste here at GCCM. We have also participated in Cleaning up sections of the Coomera River and the Broadwater on Clean Up Australia Day.


  1. In what ways does your marina actively engage with the local community and support charitable initiatives or events?
    • We support the Aussie Kids Charity.


  1. How does your company prioritise safety measures and ensure compliance with regulations to provide a secure environment for both guests and staff?
    • We have experienced Marina management in place and commit to training staff across the board. We have a dedicated Safety Officer full time at GCCM implementing new procedures and reviewing all aspects of the operation continually to stay ahead of the curve. We have recently completed a year-long Injury prevention and management program with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. We know that a safe workplace will benefit both our Team and Customers.


Receiving the 5 Gold Anchor accreditation isn’t just a pat on the back; it’s a true honour that speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence. This prestigious recognition reaffirms our commitment to delivering nothing short of a top-notch experience for boat owners and sailors. It sets us apart as a shining example of quality and professionalism in the maritime world. With this esteemed accolade, we proudly join the ranks of elite marinas globally, showcasing our unwavering pursuit of excellence and our steadfast commitment to surpassing customer expectations.

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