Closing the Loop on Waste

The Journey
The Journey

GCCM and QUT began discussing the project in July 2021 and held their first workshop in August 2021. The workshop was designed as an interactive breakfast to better understand the waste streams onsite. The gathering brought together key stakeholders within the shipyard, environmental industry, local and state governments, and QUT researchers all ready and willing to better understand what they may be able to do to reduce their impact.

With over 90 onsite tenants, the challenge seems to lie in the volume of waste being produced and education on how to appropriately dispose of it in a way that is effectively keeping it out of landfills.

Currently, GCCM is diverting 30% of the general waste with their current waste management company, Wanless. By partnering with QUT, the goal is to shift the idea of a circular economy from future goal to functionality.

Read more about the workshop and its outcomes here.

Education is key

GCCM and QUT are continuing their efforts to create a circular economy by auditing all waste sources and potential recycling options.

Education is the next step and will include training the staff and our marine trades, as well as education of our guests at the Marina. Check our first education video:


Partners in Sustainability
Partners in Sustainability

Through connections created at the workshop held onsite, GCCM joined the Aspire platform via the City of the Gold Coast.

Aspire is an online matchmaking tool designed to enable businesses to reach circular economy. They use intuitive software to connect users to one another to exchange or sell resources that would otherwise end up in landfill. Learn more about the Aspire platform here.

GCCM would like to thank the City of Gold Coast for generously opening their Aspire membership to local businesses.

GCCM will continue to work with QUT, Aspire, and the City of Gold Coast in efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

Environmental Commitment

Our commitment to continued environmental improvement has set the benchmark for Marina’s worldwide. On-site initiatives include treatment and recycling plants for boat washdown water, rainwater harvesting, a dedicated on-site recycling yard (for both hard and liquid waste), one of the largest solar power marine facilities in the world and the Gold Coast’s first Sea Bin installation. GCCM is proud to have signed the Marina Industries Association’s (MIA) pledge to eliminate single-use plastics from within the marina by 2025. Our longstanding commitment to environmental best practice is also demonstrated by our consecutive 100% scores in the globally recognised Clean Marina accreditation audit. GCCM is the only facility in Australia to achieve a 100% score twice in a row.

We encourage you to explore the full report of QUT’s findings and understand the next steps GCCM will be taking in establishing a circular economy.

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