At GCCM, we take our work seriously and are extremely proud to offer our clients a wide choice of many of the very best marine contractors in the industry worldwide.  We aim to maintain a 5-star gold standard in everything we do and that’s why we’ve developed a reputation for not just getting jobs done, but getting them done on-time.

Commencing June 2018, we will be introducing new GCCM site specific induction and controlled access procedures for all contractors operating at our facility to ensure a consistent understanding and adherence to safety, quality standards and environmental best practise.  These new systems aim to give our valued customers increased peace of mind in knowing they are dealing with the industry’s most reputable contractors.

GCCM and our onsite partners are respectful and proud of the marine environment surrounding our facility and we’re committed to its health.  We are also resolute in making everyone operating onsite at GCCM is doing so to the highest possible standards – we will not compromise the safety and security of our clients, their vessels and the reputation of our facility.

It’s important to note GCCM warmly welcomes external contractors and thanks them for their support and services.  We simply ask those working within our facility to follow some simple standard procedures and rules to verify safety, security and quality control for all involved.

“When you are charged to look after someone’s pride and joy, you need to treat it like your own.  We don’t take our responsibility lightly.  These are valuable assets we are dealing with and they deserve the highest quality of care and attention available. These days, unfortunately there are just too many people masquerading as experts without the appropriate levels of safety awareness, insurance and accreditation.  This puts vessels at risk, it puts the environment at risk and it also puts lives at risk,” stated GCCM CEO Trenton Gay.

Starting this month, you will see boom gates installed adjacent to our superyacht sheds at the entrance to our hardstand facilities.  Our customer service booth has also been relocated to this location.  All onsite and offsite contractors will be asked to complete a new online site-specific safety and environmental induction and to provide proof of appropriate levels of insurance and accreditation for works performed at GCCM.

“There are an increasing number of horror stories we hear from around the world regarding vessel fires and accidents being caused by unlicensed and uninsured contractors, leaving the owner completely exposed to liability for not only their own vessel but the property damage which can be caused as a result of these incidents.  It’s disturbing because it is so often avoidable,” Mr Gay added. “It’s a simple task for us to put systems in place to provide added protection for our customers both financially and physically and as result give them greater peace of mind.”

The online contractors’ induction can be found in the EXTERNAL CONTRACTORS PORTAL at and is now available for completion by external trades wishing to perform work at GCCM.  This change will be enforced as a condition of entry to the GCCM work areas from Monday 18 June 2018.  Once the induction has been completed, individual trades will be issued with a unique identifying number and a ‘GCCM Approved Contractor’ card and sticker for their vehicle which will facilitate easy ongoing access to our site.











Our ultimate aim is that each and every contractor working onsite at GCCM delivers outstanding quality services to our clients in the safest possible way.  Should you have any queries about the new system, please contact our office on 5502 5888 or [email protected] or speak to one of our friendly team members.

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