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Dynamic Power Solutions

Electrical & Electronics
Dynamic Power Solutions Dynamic Power Solutions

Through years of experience, Dynamic Power Solutions Pty Ltd, has proven core capabilities in several areas of project management and execution through to consulting services. Since 2019, our team has been trusted to manage over $17 million in funds to implement projects and manage execution and EPC components.

Our core services are comprehensive and many organizations out-source the day-to-day operations to the Dynamic Power Solutions Pty Ltd team that proves to be cost effective and more efficient for our clients.

Our professional services include:

  • Marine, Domestic and Commercial maintenance services
  • Project and Maintenance Solutions
  • Electrical Labour Hire Services
  • Remote Site project execution
  • Internal and External Contractor Management
  • Site Specific Regulatory Compliance


Our comprehensive consulting and advisory services cross several industries and members of our management staff are “Subject-Matter-Experts” in their industry fields a designation gained from years of hands-on experience. Our team has delivered successful projects as project executives, directors, and managers in each of the following industries:

  • Power including Mining, Marine, Domestic and Commercial sectors
  • Construction including Mining, Marine, Domestic and Commercial sectors
  • Aviation maintenance and repairs
  • Maritime Services including marina maintenance and operational capabilities

As Subject-Matter-Experts and project delivery specialists, we provide innovative ideas and best-practices to our clients by continuously seeking new skills, techniques, and education throughout numerous industry fields.

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Head Office
76-84 Waterway Dr,
Coomera Qld 4209

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76-84 Waterway Dr,
Coomera Qld 4209

P +61 7 5502 5888
F +61 7 5502 5877

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