Anti Roll Gyro
About Anti Roll Gyro

Anti Roll Gyro (ARG) reduces your boat roll at anchor and underway, offering premium comfort, safety and reliability at sea. The advantage of the Tohmei Anti Roll Gyro (ARG) is in its reliability, convenience and warranty. For boats 2-100t.


5 x Benefits of installing the ARG (Anti Roll Gyro):
• ARG has the lowest maintenance in the industry making it the most reliable.
• Manufactured to commercial and military standards by Mitsubishi for over 20 years, this Japanese engineering triumph offers a 5 year/ 5000 hour warranty.
• The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is simply the most effective gyro stabilization for the comfort and safety of those onboard your vessel, both at anchor and underway.
• With no exposed moving parts, and no through hull fittings, ARG is a one piece ‘bolt on’ package that is simple to install and operate, making it the most convenient on the market.
• You simply turn it on when you step aboard and turn it off when you leave.